Voter ID Blog Heads to Chicago

Posted 3/6/2015. will be presenting a poster session at Aging in America, the annual conference of the American Society on Aging, on March 25. I am honored and excited to share this resource with professionals from a range of aging-related disciplines across the United States.

If you'll be at the conference in Chicago, please join me during lunch at board 613 for information about voter ID requirements in your state and advice on spreading the word to populations you encounter in your own work. For those of you at home, check out my guest post on the American Society on Aging's Age Blog.

Thanks also to Wake Forest University School of Law for publicizing the launch of this site and our upcoming presentation. You can read their coverage here.

What an experience! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat last week. I enjoyed meeting so many of you and still find myself awed by your efforts to transform aging in the communities you touch. I hope you will remember in the months leading up to your next election. Your accounts of clients, friends, and loved ones who found themselves unexpectedly at odds with an ID requirement make this effort worthwhile!

Five Great Ways to Use in Your Community

Posted 2/19/2015.

You can use this website to help friends, family, and community members who may be affected by voter ID requirements in the next election. Here are some of our favorite ways to spread the word about this resource and reach out to those in need.


1) Share on Social Media

Help others learn about voter ID requirements in their states by sharing the link to on your favorite social media site! It's easy and free to share with your online community. A quick click from you helps spread the word about this resource to those who need to know.

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2) Post a Flyer

Take off of the web and into the real world to reach voters who otherwise wouldn't turn to tech to seek out their state's laws. Check with your local library, community center, or senior center for permission to post one of our downloadable, printer-ready flyers.


3) Host an Information Session

Take the lead in your community by using information from to host an information session on voter ID requirements in your state. Libraries, community centers, senior centers, and places of worship are all great venues to host an information session at little or no cost. Need an idea of what to cover? Download our sample agenda and customize it using information from your state!


4) Volunteer to Help Others Get ID

Live in a state that offers free voter IDs to those who need them? Volunteer to help others gather the documents they'll need to secure an ID, or to drive them to and from the office where ID is issued. Use to learn the requirements for obtaining a free voter ID in your state. To reach out to those who need ID, start by hosting an information session or by contacting your local library, community center, senior center, or place of worship to let them know you are available to help.


5) Invite to Speak at Your Event

Contact us to arrange for a speaker at your central North Carolina event! We will do our best to accommodate requests to present on the topic of North Carolina voter ID requirements and accessibility for older and disabled voters. If we cannot personally appear, we may be able to recommend a knowledgeable person in your area who can. Be sure to check out our flyers and sample information session agenda for help hosting an event on your own!